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Company History

Since 1957, Hunt & Joiner, Inc. has been providing innovative structural engineering solutions in the design and evaluation of corporate, commercial, and institutional buildings, telecommunication and industrial facilities, civil structures and bridges. We have extensive experience in a multitude of projects from remodels to new construction, single-family residences to multi-story buildings, corner convenience stores to major retail centers, small storage buildings to large automated distribution centers, single classroom additions to complete campuses


Production Capabilities

We utilize state-of-the-art engineering and BIM technology to design, prepare, and deliver complete and coordinated construction documents.


From our offices in Dallas and Austin, Texas our team of engineers and CAD technicians successfully complete projects throughout the country. 

All of our projects are designed with strict compliance to local codes and site specific conditions. Our engineers have extensive experience

designing and detailing for many different load conditions, including high seismic forces, hurricane force winds, extreme snow loads, and flood pressures.

Our Approach

We provide structural engineering solutions for a wide range of clients including architects, developers, contractors, and government agencies.  We strive to exceed expectations with creative cost-effective structural engineering designs, professional project execution, and exceptionally responsive service.  In addition, our company operates with a team focus, putting the needs of the architect, fellow consultants, and the on-site construction group at the forefront of our day-to-day operations.


Our staff of highly qualified engineers and production personnel analyzes each individual project for the best possible engineering solution, creating cost-effective designs with superior responsive service. We use a variety of construction materials including structural steel, conventionally reinforced, post-tensioned, and prestressed concrete, masonry, structural wood products, and nonstandard materials such as aluminum, fiberglass shapes and epoxy fiber-wrap reinforcement.  With personal attention, a positive success-driven attitude, and effective communication and coordination, we repeatedly produce accurate economical designs which facilitate the completion of projects on time and within budget.  Our creative designs of challenging projects have resulted in numerous awards from professional societies and industry organizations.

Professional Registration

Our engineers have professional registrations in all 48 of the continental United States, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia.

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